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”The food was terrible. The potatoes were ice cold. The meat was really fatty. What a wonderful blessing Linda is!”

—Sioux Falls, SD

what Linda's
Audiences say...

"We love Linda!"

from Edie Melson, director

blue ridge mountains writers conference

To say we were “pleased” with Linda as our speaker selection would be like saying, “I’m sort of glad I won that $1,000,000 lottery”.  It would be more accurate to say we were thrilled, blown-away, phenomenally overjoyed!  We would love to have her back again, and again, and again.
— Joan Wickersheim, St John Chrysotim Church


“I enjoyed your message so much.  It spoke right to me.  It was as if you were the lady down the street and we have known each other for a long time.”

– Hearts at Home, Bloomington, IL.


“Thank you, Linda. My heart is forever changed.”

 —Kinnie. PWOC Robins Airforce Base.


“You were hilarious!  I needed to laugh like that!”

– Red Bank Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN


“The thoughts are still lingering in our minds from your wonderful wonderful message at our Women At The Well gathering on Saturday.  We want to express our appreciation once again for your time and presentation. I’m sure we will want to have you be with us again sometime in the future."

– Norma Hooks, First United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs, CO.


“Linda, I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful weekend.  The women are still talking about the conference!”

–  Julie Moody, First Baptist, Statesboro, GA


“Linda is a humorous and gifted speaker.”

– Julie Requadt, Gloria Del Lutheran Church, Houston, TX


Mrs. Linda — I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate you, your ministry, and the words you spoke this week. I feel like I know you…and I suppose that must be weird for a speaker to have so many people who feel so close to you. I am writing to you because I always try to let people know when I am touched by knowing them. I love your spirit. I enjoy your humor…appreciate your insight…I’m inspired by your stories. Thank you. I thank the Lord for using you to touch other people. Your message — was anointed. How desperately we all need to be reminded about the Joy of the Lord! I am holding onto the message that I can trust in God and He loves me. Thank you for sharing your live of the Lord, and your life. I am blessed and refreshed.”

– Sheila,  Conferee — PWOC Germany


I am writing you to thank you once again for coming. You have truly saved me from a ‘BATTLE” with the enemy that I could not win without God! I had gone ‘astray’ from the Lord for almost 20 years, thinking in the flesh. Girl…was I wrong! Jesus is the way the truth and the light! Praise you, Lord!! Thank you for leading and re-leading God’s children BACK to Him! You have really changed my life. Linda, remember…at the conference, I told you I see Jesus in your eyes. Well you are truly his faithful and devoted servant. Thanks Linda for saving me from struggling with my faith. Thanks for teaching and showing me. You are a true friend and a sister in Christ. —Conferee from Liberty, NY 


Your presentation was really meaningful to me. I’ve struggled to lay down, release, surrender – something for 13 years. When you led us in prayer, I dropped it into God’s big pocket. I can do that as many times as necessary. —Boulder, CO Group 


Attendees of women’s seminar at First Presbyterian of Aurora, IL – 

  • “I especially enjoyed Linda Shepherd’s message and testimony.”

  • “I laughed till I cried.”

  • “Linda has a knack for being down-to-earth, like she knows who you are deep down.”

  • “Linda  blessed my heart so much today.”

  • “Linda was enjoyable, easy to listen to and used a variety of learning styles.”


Conference Organizers:

The most amazing things have been happening to me since the conference in Buellton last weekend.  The greatest of all is that I am still filled with the Holy Spirit very much like I was during the weekend.


My self-confidence has exploded and I feel like a whole, complete woman, with poise, confidence, grace, patience, verve (my favorite word) and a zest for life. Your talk was so very profound. You combine, a realness, spirituality, humor, with grace, dignity and love.


Everyone enjoyed themselves so much.  I enjoyed seeing the women feel they had the freedom and the open door to sit and talk with you.  Thank you for your openness to talk to them and for a wonderful weekend.  God was really at work!  We want to have you back!


You were very down to earth.  It was easy for women to relate to you.  You reached women from all walks of life–Christians, non-Christians, young and old.  You showed us that no matter what our circumstances, with God’s help, guidance and love, we will make it when we walk with our eyes and hearts focused on Him.

—Linda Duval, Director of Women’s Retreat, Bible Fellowship Church, Ventura, C


Just wanted to take a moment to tell YOU once again how much we appreciated all you gave to our conference. Your message was so timely, and your sensitivity to our ladies evident. Thank you for following the Lord’s lead! Not to mention that you are a LOT of fun, and so accommodating as a guest speaker! I SO enjoyed our dinner conversations–for this closet clown, it was a real kick to have such an accomplished storyteller as yourself laugh at my droll little tales of family and ministry. Thank you, too, for being so gracious. Your warmth and flexibility put everyone at ease. That’s a gift. You’re a gem. 

—Audrey from PWOC New England 


I want to thank you again for helping to make our ladies conference a great day in the Lord. We laughed and cried while the Lord touched our hearts. As you reminded us about Joseph, if we know the Lord, everything works together for good. —Suzanne Smith, Shirley Grove Baptist Church, GA 


I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say about God being with us.  Your stories inspired me to realize that God is with me even now.  Tomorrow morning I take my baby in for tests to see if she has a serious disease.  Now I realize that no matter what the outcome, God has not abandoned me.  Your have inspired me to see that my baby is precious–no matter what. 

—Mother’s Day Brunch, Lifebridge Christian Church, CO 


“WOW! We have been touched with your stories, life experiences and God’s work in your life. Thank you – We have been so blessed! —Pinecrest Women – Walking in Faith Conference, Boulder CO 


 “Thank you for coming. We have six who received Christ and sixty rededications. Praise God!” – Dixie, Women of Worth Conference in Washington State



What an event! One of our planning committee members asked me, ‘What would it take to bring Linda back? —Leslie Shortridge– Lebanon, Oregon


“Linda is one of our favorite PWOC speakers.”

– PWOC Europe Conferee; Germany 2003


“The overwhelming response on the evaluation forms was that everyone just loved the keynote speaker. You touched people by making them laugh and cry at the same time. I’ve had women come and tell me this is the best ever women’s retreat they’ve been to at our church. Thank you. And thank you for your words that also encouraged me.” – Margie Schoepp, Women’s Retreat Chairperson, Saint John Lutheran Church, Seward, Nebraska


As the Retreat Coordinator for the Bible League, I would highly recommend Linda Evans Shepherd. She is a wonderful person as well as a great speaker. She is very easy to work with and accommodating. She wound our theme through all of her talks. We didn’t ask her to speak on a specific topic, we just told her what our theme was and she took it from there! We have four retreats across the United States and so far we have had her speak at three of them in three different years. Each year the theme was different and she incorporated it in her talks. Depending on the retreat, she spoke either 3 or 4 times. Linda has a great sense of humor and was also able to challenge each of us.


I can also tell you that if you spend much time at all with her at the retreat, you will end up with a new friend. Obviously, I am very impressed with Linda and highly recommend her. —Donna Knip; Bible League National Retreat Coordinator

After reviewing the evaluation forms, the only advice I have for you is to do it exactly the same way as before!  The comments were wonderful.  The only negatives were things like, “give her more time” and “we wanted to hear her more times”.  The comments ranged from “inspirational” to “she reached me right where I was” to she was just like me:  we both have real life things happen.  But God loves us.”  Thank you Linda for coming and sharing so much of yourself with our ladies. —Christy Sassman, Ladies Retreat Coordinator, First Baptist Church of Universal City, San Antonio, TX:


The ladies are still giving you rave reviews. We would like to have you come for an event at the church in November! —Sheila Tolbert of Grace Community Church of Greenville, SC




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