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"What an event! One of our planning committee members asked me, ‘What would it take to bring Linda back?'"

—Leslie Shortridge

Women of Worth Conference

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Invite Linda 
to Speak

Linda is a popular speaker who loves to connect with her audiences with God.  Her storytelling and biblical teaching fill audiences with laughter and joy. She loves to demonstrate that it’s possible to know God on a deeper level; right now.  She not only demonstrates prayer, she created a joyful interactive prayer experience with her crowd.


Storytelling, laughter, joy is all part of her presentations, but for a purpose.  “It’s a sin to bore an audience,” Linda explains.  “I’m privileged to bring in a message that will change their lives, bring hope, lead people to faith and I cannot afford to let anyone get away without listening with his or her hearts.”


Follow the booking link below to inquire if Linda is available to speak at your next event.


Keynote Topics Include:

  • Faith Lift! – Linda’s favorite! She shows audiences how to cast their cares on the Lord. Each woman will lose at least 20 or more pounds of worry. Lots of laughter and Biblical stories. Spiritually refreshing! Hear Linda’s complete message Faith Lift! Click HERE.

  • For the Joy – Discover how to find real and lasting joy. Scriptures stories and fun! Lots of laughter.

  • The Stress Cure – Based on Linda’s best-selling book.  Audiences will interactively learn how to let go of their stress as they learn how to enjoy God’s peace.

  • Be a Better You– Fun, dynamic, deep. Interactive corporate-inner healing event focusing on yielding to God’s peace concerning your Fear, Bitterness, and Grief issues. Powerful! (One of Linda’s favorites.)

  • Faith Never Shrinks in Hot Water  – Can our faith stretch to fit tough times? Laugh till you cry as Linda shares her testimony and explains how to discover God’s love for you despite life’s circumstances. Powerful and dramatic!

  • When You Don’t Know What to Pray – This is not only a powerful teaching on prayer, it is a prayer experience. Based on Linda’s best selling book.

  • Praying in Hard Times – Powerful look at holding on to God in hard times.

  • Live Your Life as an Act of Worship – Learning how to focus on God in your daily life.

  • God Wants Spiritual Fruit Not Religious Nuts – Do you want to Experience God in a deeper way? Then find out how to stay connected with The Vine so you don’t become a religious nut! 

  • How to Tame the Grump, Even When She’s in Your Mirror – Hilarious new talk about stress and balance. Leaves audiences howling with Linda’s funny stories. Practical and very refreshing!

  • When You Need a Miracle – This topic is about learning to trust God, no matter what – inviting His presence in our difficulties, while shutting the door to the enemy.]

  • Learning to Listen While You Pray – Based on Linda’s latest book. Focuses on how to hear God’s voice in your everyday life, with the retailing of the stories of people who encountered Jesus in his earthly ministry. Powerful.

  • Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles – We are all former slaves rescued by the Great Prince.  We need to know how to fight our enemy.


Event Topics

The Life-Changing Prayer Event – Up to 8 hours of teaching on prayer, including corporate prayer experiences so your group can go deeper in their relationship with God.


The Faith Lift Event – Blend of topics that focus on giving God our burdens.


For the Joy Event – Blend of topics that focus on the JOY of the Lord.


The Wonderful Worship Event – Blend of topics that focus on lifestyle worship.


Focus on Jesus Event – Blend of topics that focus on Jesus.

Christmas Topics:


The Mary Christmas – The telling of the Christmas story through Mary’s eyes. Very sweet.


The Glory of Christmas – Linda tells God’s story with man – with the fall of man, the birth of Jesus, His death on the cross, and the glory of His resurrection. Great for groups that invite their local community. People come to faith!


How to Tame the Christmas Grump – Humorous look at the stress of Christmas – and the real meaning of Christmas.


The Miracle of Christmas – Linda shares the heartaches of her life and tells how she learned to trust God in everything, and teaching her audience how to do the same – contains the telling of the Christmas story and the real miracle of Christmas- God redeeming man.


Endorsements & Media Kit 

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