A Mystery-Themed Event

Are you looking to create an event that will...

  • serve as a girl's night out?
  • build friendships with ice breakers and great discussion questions?
  • be based on God's word?
  • be as much fun as a book club?
  • have a world famous speaker on DVD?
  • have easy snack and decorating ideas?
  • include directions for an optional follow up event?
  • contain life changing lessons?
  • include a funny skit?
  • impact with eternal value?
  • contain a pre-written press release?
  • include invitations, postcards, bulletin inserts & posters already designed for you on a handy CD?
  • include DVD clips to use to announce event?

You've found all of the above!

Free Your Heart - Tangled Heart Program Kit can be TWO events:

1. Free Your Heart Kickoff EventYou’re the Missing Piece

2. Free your Heart: The Grand Finale Event

Both events are based on the hot new Bible study Tangled Heart , the world’s first murder mystery devotional. This exciting concept helps participates break free from their pasts and live life based on God’s word.

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Free Your Heart Part One: You’re the Missing Piece

Kickoff Event

Announce to your friends, Bible study, women’s ministry group, or book club that you're hosting a You’re the Missing Piece Night . Your kit will include a DVD with announcement and program clips, as well as posters and invitations to use.

You’re the Missing Piece Night is a fun night with a mystery theme. It includes the following activities:

  • Food.
  • A fun icebreaker activity.
  • Distributing (or taking orders for) copies of Tangled Heart.
  • A short video clip of the author discussing the book.
  • A game.
  • A fun skit.
  • An announcement that you will meet again in approximately 30 days to discuss the book and celebrate freedom from the past.

The following is a preview peek of the actual clip. Click to play.

Then, in approximately thirty days, you may wish to host a

Free Your Heart Grand Finale

This night will be the conclusion to the Free Your Heart program. Suggested activities for this night include:

  • Food ideas.
  • A fun icebreaker activity.
  • A second short video clip of author discussing the book.
  • Questions for group discussion.

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About the Tangled Heart:

When Madison took her new job, she thought it would help her marriage. Instead, it puts their relationship on the rocks . . . and her life at risk when she discovers company secrets that point to fraud and murder. Madison's race to get the details to the police and survive in the process -- leads to a heart-gripping climax.

More than a fist-clenching suspense story, Tangled Heart is also a daily devotional using Scripture and prayer to underline how God works in our everyday lives -- even when pushed to the brink of disaster. Linda Evans Shepherd once again shows the importance of daily relying on the one true Source of strength and love.

Why Free Your Heart Event works for works for groups, Bible Studies, women's fellowships, and book clubs:

  1. It's a novel demonstrating how to break free from the past.
  2. It's a devotional teaching how to base your life on God's word.
  3. It's a fun, intriguing mystery.
  4. It works for both singles and marrieds.
  5. It gives your group a SAFE way talk about the misadventures of fictional characters as they learn how to live God's way.

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Special Bonus

This kit comes with:

  • The master CD with posters, event plans, art, bulletins, skit, game, food, and decorating ideas, postcards, press release, and instructions.
  • The master DVD with promo clips and two speaker clips to show at events.
  • Two copies of Tangled Heart.
  • Discussion questions.
  • A way to order more copies of Tangled Heart at a reduced rate.

ALSO: You will receive the CD and DVD by mail. But we don't want you to wait. You'll also receive the CD as a downloadable file at the time of this purchase. You can immediately go to work planning your event. The physical CD as well as the DVD and two books will arrive in you mailbox in a few days.

About the Author:

Linda Evans Shepherd is the author of over 20 books and a powerful, international speaker.

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