Tangled Heart
A Mystery Devotional

by Linda Evans Shepherd
Publisher: Jubilant Press

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This is the world's first murder mystery devotional -- with 90 days of suspenseful readings designed to fit into your daily quiet time. As the intrigue unfolds, you'll find an inspirational message woven into the pages of a unforgettable murder mystery, along with your daily Bible reading and prayer.

Topic: How to be set free from your past.

A Reader Said: I bought Tangled Heart for my daughter, but before I could give it to her, I started to read it. I could not put it down. As I got close to the end, I realized, God did not have me buy the book for Sara, He had me buy it for myself!! I prayed the prayer at the end of the book and God set me free. It was quite emotional for me. For years I have prayed for God to forgive me for my past and never had any peace. Thoughts and memories would come back at the least convenient times. But, I followed Linda's guideline in the book, and found freedom at last. I'm free from my past and from the memories! I can't stop saying it, I'm free!


About the Book:

When Madison took her new job, she thought it would help her marriage. Instead, it puts her relationship on the rocks . . . and her life at risk when she discovers company secrets that point to fraud -- and murder. Madison's race to get the details to the police -- and survive in the process -- leads to a heart-gripping climax that will keep the reader glued to the chair.

More than a fist-clenching suspense story, Tangled Heart is also a daily devotional that uses Scripture and prayer to underline how God works in our everyday lives -- even when our lives are pushed to the brink of disaster. Linda Evans Shepherd once again shows us the importance of daily relying on the one true Source of our strength and love.

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How to Use the Book:

  1. As a daily devotional.
  2. With your Bible Study Group
  3. As a 90 day reading involving your entire women's ministry
  4. See above and add special get togethers to distribute book to your group, to discuss the book, to celebrate the end of the 90 days.
  5. As a bookclub reading
  6. For fun as a novel!
  7. As a gift for someone who is struggling with the past or with their marriage.

Special Bonus

The book includes discussion (Bible Study) of how to free yourself from the past, at the very end. Prayers included.

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About the Author:

Linda Evans Shepherd has a powerful testimony and shares how God helped her turn the 'pits' of her life into stepping stones after a violent car crash.

Linda is the President of Right to the Heart Ministries, she's also an international speaker, radio host of the nationally syndicated Right to the Heart radio, occasional television host of Daystar's Denver Celebration, the founder and leader of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and the publisher of Right to the Heart of Women Ezine which goes to over 10,000 women leaders of the church.

She's been married twenty-six years to Paul, and has two teenagers, Laura and Jimmy.

Linda has written more than 18 books including Intimate Moments With God, and The Potluck Club (Revell.)

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To Check out our Event Program Kit based on Tangled Heart: Click Here

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This is not your average quiet time book... this is what you've been looking for to make your devotional time come alive. Linda has masterfully created characters and written this intriguing story in such a way as to keep you turning page after page. With real themes you can relate to and practical Scriptures to draw you into God's word, this book is sure to be a favorite!
~~Lysa TerKeurst Author, Speaker, President of Proverbs 31 Ministry

I have become convinced that those of us God calls to the deepest part of Himself are the ones who will ultimately struggle within this lifetime.
~~Eva Marie Everson Speaker, Coauthor of The Potluck Club

With cutting-edge creativity, Linda Evans Shepherd has written a devotional that reads like a mystery. Tangled Heart weaves biblical truth and key scriptures throughout a captivating plot line that grips the interest of the reader in the first chapter and holds on until the end of the book. If you are looking for a devotional that is short enough for a busy lifestyle, but contains timeless truth that applies to your own life, look no further.
~~Carol Kent, Speaker and Author
When I Lay My Isaac Down
Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances (NavPress)

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"I love a cutting edge approach and Tangled Heart is surely that. The challenge for we readers will be not to gobble the whole devotional up in one sitting--it's mysteriously yummy. The story pulls you through the months with intrigue and intention--the intention to remind us daily of our resources in Christ. "
Patsy Clairmont; Women of Faith Speaker author of "Pillow Prayers...to ease your mind"

Linda Evans Shepherd has woven suspenseful intrigue and spiritual reflection to show us how to untangle the tangled heart. The devotional element shows us how to pause before making decisions that can change our lives forever while the mysterious plot pushes us to rush ahead to uncover the truth.
Sharon Jaynes,
Vice President of Proverbs 31 Radio, author and speaker.

Leave it to Linda Evans Shepherd to invent a genre that will have many
imitators but no equals! Tangled Heart is more than a novel, more than
a devotional, and certainly more than the usual inspirational book. A
riveting read, it explores areas that many Christian books find taboo.
~~Rebekah Montgomery; Editor or Right to the Heart of Women Ezine

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