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Would your Bookclub like a visit from Eva or Linda?

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If you have a bookclub which is currently reading THE POTLUCK CLUB, Linda OR Eva may be available to talk to your group by phone.

  1. Must have a group of 5 or more readers.
  2. Group must be reading the book.
  3. Calls limited to 10 - 15 minutes.
  4. No overseas calls.
  5. To set up appointment, email Linda at: RightToTheHeart@aol.com with:
  • Days and Time your group meets, and time zone. (Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific)
  • Your email address and phone number
  • Please put 'Book Club' in the subject line of your email.


Linda and Eva

NOTE: Appointments are limited by Linda and Eva's availability.

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Okay, it's true, Eva and Linda have a blast writing this series.

Eva and Linda at Lake Dillon

Welcome to the offical Potluck Club site by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson, the co-authors of the Potluck Club.

LINDA WRITES: The idea for our best-selling series came to me (Linda) while my family and I were driving through the hills between Golden and Boulder, Colorado. Knowing this work on friendship should come out of friendship, I immediately dialed Eva Marie's cell phone. There she was, half asleep, waiting at an airport for her flight home. Everytime my family's car drove down a dip in the road, I lost our cell signal. After several phone calls, between dips, the idea finally 'woke' Eva up.

Soon, Eva and I were off and running, emailing chapters back and forth from Colorado to Florida. When the first book was at the half way point, Eva and I met for a week of writing in the beautiful high country Colorado town of Frisco where we wrote the second half of the book as well as the second half of the second book in the series, Trouble's Brewing. January 06, we'll meet once again to finish The Potluck Club Stirs It Up!

But we have a BIG secret. Eva writes three of the characters and I write three of the characters. AND we'll never tell who write who, including the ever-so-naughty Lisa Leann! (Wouldn't you like to know?)

We take turns writing the chapters, and just like real life, we never know what's going to happen to our own characters when it's our partner's turn to write. So, I'd like to take this opportunity to write this personal note to Eva, "Don't worry dear one, whenever you mess with my characters, I'll mess with yours!" (Insert evil laughter here.)

See, this IS fun!

Linda is also working on Right to the Heart of Prayer with Cook Communication due out in 2006.

Eva at Lake Dillon

EVA WRITES: I fell in love with Frisco, CO the minute my feet stepped on its snowy ground! Of course, I'm always there in the winter months, but that's cool, because I love the snow and the cold weather much more than I like the heat and humidity of Florida. By the way, I live in Florida.

When Linda and I get together to write, we're all about the writing! Seriously! We write from early, early morning in Linda's getaway cabin until way past a normal person's bedtime. Well, okay...we do get away for a research break now and then. I mean, after all, how are we to know about the joys of eating in Higher Grounds Cafe if we don't experience Frisco's Buttherhorn Bakery & Cafe firsthand? And, how are we to know what it's like to shop in "Summit View" if we don't peruse the shops of Frisco? Am I right or am I right?

My only regrets are that you all can't join us for our week-long adventures in writing (Linda and I now get together each year at her cabin to write our Potluck adventures). Because you would see just how much fun we have in the plotting and planning of our storylines, characters, and settings. But, hey! Read The Potluck Club! Fall in love with Evangeline, Vonnie, Lizzie, Donna, Goldie, and (of course) Lisa Leann! They are the six ladies of "The Potluck!"

Eva and I hope that the Potluck Club is as fun to read as it was to write.

Eva and her daughter Jessica just released Sex, Lies and the Media from Cook Communications, 2005.

Linda cooking up chapters (and dinner) at the CO mountain getaway.

Click Here to see more pictures of Linda and Eva's Frisco CO getaway.

Eva and Linda

Tell us about your favorite potluck recipes.



Linda's dog Jackson is the model for Chucky!

 Meet Linda and her family.  To read more about Linda's disabled daughter, go to:  www.LindaAndLaura.com.

Linda is the President of Right to the Heart Ministries (link to  www.RightToTheHeart.com) and Eva is on the board.  If you are interested in attending The Right to the Heart Women's Conference (and a chance to hear Linda and Eva speak) go to:  www.AttendNow.com
  To sign up for the free Right to the Heart of Women newsletter, go to www.RightToTheHeartOfWomen.com.
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