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Hi Hungry Friends,

My Bible Study group had a potluck and we made dishes from The Potluck Club Cookbook. I brought my camera along and took some delicious photos.

The kitchen smelled wonderful and we were all eager to dry the food.

Let me introduce Peg's Texas Barbequed Chicken in-a-Crock-Pot. The recipe is found on P. 52 of the cookbook and it's made with chicken breasts and a rich, home-made barbeque sauce. It was a crowd pleaser!

Next, Roger, pictured top photo, far left, cooked this large acorn squash which he grew in his own garden to create Eva's Baked Acorn Squash with Apples, P. 159. We sliced the halves like pinwheels and served. Yum! Great job Roger!

My friend Ann made my Mom's Cornbread Casserole, p. 30. It was a hit! The bell pepper, corn and hot pepper make the cornbread sizzle. Ann says she liked this dish so much that she's going to make it again, soon.


Last but not least was Paul's Favorite Chocolate Cherry Cake, p. 33 which was made by Peggy. (Those are her kids you see in the top photo.) Oh my goodness, this was wonderful. Well, that is, if you like rich chocolate cake filled with cherries and topped with a fudgy pecan icing. That remind's me, my hubby Paul's birthday is coming up and I think I'll have to make one just for him.



P.S. I made Lisa Leann's famous BBQ Brisket found in the first Potluck novel, The Potluck Club. It's pictured below:

YUM! If Lisa Leann serves this brisket to her friends, no wonder they let her hang with them, newcomer or not.


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